• 27 APR 15

    Asset Model Importer for ADAMANT


    Implementation of a generic import mechanism for assets and asset-models in ADAMANT (http://adamant.q-e.at). With asset model we refer to any documentation of an enterprise’s assets (e.g., hardware, software, business processes, customer data) that may be stored in a variety of data sources. Regardless of the actual data representation of these assets, the importer must transform them to the meta-model for assets used in ADAMANT including their interrelations.

    The importer should be able to gather data from multiple sources (e.g., different file formats, relational databases, web services) and provide facilities to configure and schedule import runs. The student is expected to implement the required functionality and to integrate the data importer in ADAMANT.

    This project can be tackeld by a single student or a team of up to two students (with additional tasks).


    • Elicitation and assessment of suitable frameworks for data imports
    • Specification of generic asset data importer
    • Implementation of asset data importer for relational databases and at least one file-format
    • Development of configuration and scheduling backend
    • Integration in ADAMANT



    • Java-expertise
    • Spring and JSF knowledge beneficial


    Contact: Michael Brunner (michael.brunner@uibk.ac.at)

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