• 13 MAY 15

    Compliance Report Generator for ADAMANT


    Implementation of a compliance report generator in ADAMANT (http://adamant.q-e.at). A compliance report is a document listing  security requirements (alongside their fulfillment and rational behind it) to show compliance with different standards to auditors. Considering that providing full access to the ADAMANT tool is not an option for external auditors, the automated creation of such a report from the information stored in ADAMANT is of great importance for enterprises that are legally required to show compliance with certain standards.

    The report generator should be able to create a compliance report from a predefined set of security requirements and store this report as PDF or Microsoft Office document. The document structure should be configurable and additionally support the integration of custom content (e.g., document preface, management summary, etc.).

    This project can be tackeld by a single student or a team of up to two students (with additional tasks).


    • Elicitation and assessment of suitable frameworks for report generation
    • Specification of report generator
    • Implementation of report generator
    • Integration in ADAMANT



    • Java-expertise
    • Spring and JSF knowledge beneficial


    Contact: Michael Brunner (michael.brunner@uibk.ac.at)

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