• 09 MAY 14

    Innovative 3D Visualizations for hierarchical Security Requirements

    Supervisor: Michael Brunner ( michael.brunner@uibk.ac.at)

    Goal: Implementation of innovative and interactive 3D visualizations for hierarchical security requirements.

    The student is expected to deliver a prototypical implementation for security gems. Security gems will be used within the tool adamant (http://adamant.q-e.at) to provide a metaphorical three-dimensional representation of requirement states and their evolution over time. The basic idea is that fulfilled requirements will result in uniform gems, whereas non-fulfilled requirements will cause dents and imperfections in the gems that represent them. A thorough evaluation of available browser-based 3D visualization frameworks is a mandatory part of this project.

    Requirements: Experience with Java and JavaScript, Knowledge of WebGL (or at least basic 3D graphics programming skills)

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