• 19 MAR 14

    Master Seminar 1

    WS 2015/2016

    LV-Nummer: 703605

    Prof. Dr. Ruth Breu

    General information

    In this seminar participants are asked to conduct literature work and to prepare both a written thesis and a presentation. We offer topics close to our research projects, e.g. in the areas

    • Security Engineering
    • Security Management
    • IT Architecture Documentation
    • Model Engineering
    • Requirements and Testing
    • Business Processes and Workflow Management

    Students who are interested in conducting a Master Thesis in our research group are requested to visit the Master Seminar prior to starting the Master Thesis.


    We expect the participants

    • to do literature work on their own,
    • to work out detailed tutorials with own examples (slides),
    • to present the topic in a 45 min. talk,
    • to prepare a text document (15 pages, deadline for the final version is the day of presentation)
    • Style:


    Submission information

    Theses and presentations can be found in OLAT (https://lms.uibk.ac.at/). Please register.

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