• 15 DEC 15

    High Scalability Advancement of a SaaS Web Application using Azure and SignalR


    Expansion of the already productive SaaS web application “Exploodo” with a structure of web workers for maintaining high scalability. Exploodo is a web application e-Learning solution built on top of Microsofts Azure stack. This application is currently analyzed in terms of scalability, and measures have to be implemented to achieve better horizontal scaling possibilities. Using Microsoft Azure server technologies and a library for asynchronous communication called SignalR, the basic infrastructure and application design for a series of web workers has to be developed. The goal is to move load from the current Exploodo web servers to a web worker, and have a reliable and efficient communication between client, web server and worker. Furthermore the foundation for future worker jobs has to be set, so the application can easily scale out to an arbitrary amount of workers.


    • Assessment of infrastructure in place and development of a strategy for expansion
    • Specification of web worker infrastructure using state-of-the-art Azure technologies
    • Implementation of web worker
    • Specification of communication interface between clients (browser), web server and workers
    • Implementation of communication interface
    • Integration in current Exploodo infrastructure
    • Specification and documentation for future expansions


    • Expertise in C#
    • Knowledge of computer networking and web-based communication principles
    • Knowledge of asynchronous programming and messaging queues


    Contact: florian.haeser (at) uibk.ac.at