If you are interested in a Master Thesis in the Quality Engineering group please visit the Quality Engineering Master Seminars. The goal of the Master Seminars is to discuss novel approaches close to our research topics:

  • Security Engineering
  • Model Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Governance
  • Business Processes and Workflows

The topic of your Master Thesis will be developed in contact with our team. Already available topics for master theses can be found on personal web pages of our team members:

Email address
Ruth BreuRuth.Breu@uibk.ac.at
Michael Feldererhttp://mfelderer.at/teachingMichael.Felderer@uibk.ac.at
Clemens Sauerweinhttps://csauerwein.com/Clemens.Sauerwein@uibk.ac.at

We offer Master Theses

  • in the context of our research projects and research prototypes
  • in cooperation with companies.

Contact: Ruth(dot)Breu(at)uibk(dot)ac(dot)at