• 07 JAN 15

    WIP: Automatic Deployment for Demo-Environment


    Implementation of an automatic deployment system for secure and customized instances of the adamant tool. Researchers and project partners are often interested in testing and “playing around with” adamant (http://adamant.q-e.at). Currently we have one adamant instance sitting on a server and provide partners with individual access credentials. However,  1) all users are working in the same environment 2) access credentials are generated manually and have to be manually revoked 3) quality of the demo environment degrades heavily over time.

    We are looking for a creative and easy-to-use solution, that:

    • Allows the easy creation and management of demo instances
    • Ensures that each demo instance is isolated from all others
    • Provides access revocation methods (e.g. one demo instance is only available for 30 days, etc)
    • Provides convenient data export capabilites



    • Investigation of existing frameworks / technologies
    • Selection of frameworks / technologies
    • Implementation of the solution on a server
    • Creation of user frontend



    • “One-click” deployment of adamant, a Tomcat + MySQL application in virtual environments



    • Vagrant, Docker, Qemu etc
    • Java, Maven (adamant)
    • MySQL (adamant)

    Contact: christian.sillaber@uibk.ac.at http://csillaber.q-e.at