Quality Engineering (QE) is a research group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. QE strives for end-to-end quality management of IT systems and IT landscapes.

We develop methods and tools for continuous collaborative quality assurance in IT management, software engineering and systems operation. The goal of QE´s research is to develop foundational yet applicable solutions, evaluated in industrial case studies.

QE´s research topics include:

  • Security Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Requirements Engineering and Testing
  • Business Processes and Workflows

Security Engineering

The core challenge to establish an adequate level of security today is knowledge management, risk orientation and systematic change handling.

Our research topics include:

  • Effective security and compliance management
  • Security intelligence platforms
  • Model-driven security
  • Model-driven security testing

Enterprise Architecture Management

Companies increasingly depend on availability and security of their IT systems and the effective support of their business processes. Therefore the importance of systematic planning and managing the Enterprise Architecture and rigorous security risk analysis has significantly grown.
In this context QE deals with the modeling and analysis of evolving IT landscapes.

Our research topics include:

  • Synchronizing EA models and the real world
  • Enhancement of EA models with situative information
  • EA planning

Requirements Engineering and Testing

In a dynamically evolving environment requirements do not only change rapidly but there is also continuous mutual interplay with the running system. In this context the close integration between requirements engineering and system level testing provides essential advantages.

Our research topic include:

  • Model-driven system testing
  • Risk- and Defect based Testing
  • Data Analytics in Software Engineering
  • Model Based Security Testing

Business Processes & Workflows

Considering the extensive usage of business process modeling in all types of business contexts, it is important to acknowledge the relevance of process models, their associated quality issues and the efficient support of users facing their every day challenges. Consequently, we are focusing on the following research areas:

  • Modeling and Evaluation of Business Process Models
  • Quality of Business Process Models
  • Process-aware Information Systems
  • User Assistance and Support
  • Dynamic Process Life Cycle Support

For more information refer to http://bpm.q-e.at

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