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Requirements and Traceability Visualization.


Our focus is on visualization support for requirements knowledge bases (support through visualization and visual analytics (VA) of requirements and other software artifacts). To further precise, our research is primarily focused on novel, interactive, context-specific visualizations for use in RE and maintenance tasks of service-oriented software products; visualizations that let stakeholders explore all three aspects of software (static, dynamic, evolutionary).
REV Survey
As a starting point for further work, we conducted an exploratory survey targeting experts from industry, with the goal to identify the tasks and their associated data (which can be supported by visualization techniques and further explored through use of VA) that these experts (stakeholders) perform in the above mentioned context, as well as the visualization features crucial in such environments.

»Survey Introduction (presentation), pdf file, 1 MB
»Initial survey results (Tasks & Associated Data) - table, pdf file, 0,3 MB
»Visual solution example, pdf file (4 pages), 4,5 MB


Traceability visualization

Software is constantly evolving and to successfully comprehend and manage this evolutionary change is a challenging task which requires traceability and visualization support. We propose a novel approach to traceability, supported by use of visualization and visual analytics, as a cornerstone for successful impact analysis and software change management. Based on the model-based collaborative software quality management framework of Living Models, we categorize both software quality management services and propose new types of traceability links (design time traceability, deployment traceability, evolution traceability, stakeholder action traceability) for the development and management of service-oriented collaborative software products, which further enable new types of visual representation and analytics for such products. In addition, a traceability meta model, which incorporates the previously identified services and traceability types, is formalized. Finally, novel interactive visualizations for representing and exploring the identified traceability types and evolutionary change of software are developed.


Examples of Visual Solutions

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Visual representations and analytics of requirements and traceability links:

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