• 29 OCT 14

    Template-Engine for dynamic PDF generation


    Implementation of a REST Web Service providing a template-engine for dynamic PDF generation from Office Open XML document templates.
    The student is expected to define a template language and to implement the Web service. The Web service logic should process Office documents by reading in the XML structure, replacing variables with dynamic data and generating a PDF document as output.


    - Windows Azure
    - MS Visual Studio
    - Office 365
    - Office Open XML
    - iTextSharp PDF library


    - Experience in Object-oriented programming (preferable C#, .NET platform)
    - Experience with development processes (SCRUM, source control), development tools (Visual Studio) and design patterns (GoF, Fowler)
    - Basic knowledge of XML, HTML, CSS as well as modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, SVG)


    Die Arbeit wird in Kooperation mit der Firma e-sec im Kontext einer 3D-Schulungssoftware durchgeführt.

    Kontakt: ruth.breu@uibk.ac.at