• 04 JAN 14

    Txture tool presentation at OOP 2014


    Matthias Farwick and Thomas Trojer presented the open-source IT-Architecture documentation tool Txture at OOP2014.


    Datum: 05.02.2014, 09:45-10:30 h
    Textual Modeling of large IT-landscapes: Making documentation quick and easy
    Matthias Farwick, Thomas Trojer

    Up-to-date IT-architecture documentation is a key success factor for mastering today’s complex IT-landscapes. State-of-the-art graphical and form-based documentation tools often make documentation a cumbersome task. In this talk we discuss how the new generation of textual modeling workbenches allows to build intuitive, company-specific architecture modeling tools that reduce modeling effort. You will learn how textual modeling simplifies automated documentation and how architecture analysis can be supported by interactive visualizations.

    Target Audience: Enterprise Architects, Software Architects, IT-Managers, Operations Managers, Project Leaders
    Prerequisites: None
    Level: Practicing

    You will learn:

    1. Learn about advantages and disadvantages of modeling IT-landscapes in a textual way.
    2. Benefits of company-specific architecture meta-models.
    3. Learn best practices for developing company-specific meta-models and architecture visualizations.


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